Utilize your facilities to their fullest.

Easily manage schedules and eliminate conflicts

Our facilities calendar makes managing facility schedules easier than ever. Manage all facilities through a single interface while keeping rentals and reservations in mind. Spot and prevent conflicts in just a few clicks and always know who is using your space and when.

Optimize the use of your space

Subdivide larger facilities to enable residents to book parts of the whole through online facility bookings to generate additional revenue for your agency.

Automate facility rentals

Our facilities calendar syncs facilities, activities, and rental contracts in real-time so that booking information is always accurate and up to date. This creates an automated facility rental mechanism so that your residents can rent available facilities on their own.

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Streamline program management.

Easily create and manage programs

Create, modify and duplicate programs and activities with ease. Export everything from attendance lists to medical information with a click and save hours spent on repetitive tasks associated with managing programs.

Set up registration periods, restrictions and prerequisites

Control who can register and when by defining registration periods for residents, non-residents and other community segments. You can also place demographic based restrictions and define prerequisites to further manage program and activity participation.

Build and automate schedules with flexibility

Save hours spent on creating recurring schedules by defining start and end dates as well as frequency from the get-go.

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Recruit and manage staff with the staff app.

Manage permissions

Create permissions groups and customize levels of access to your back-office so that you can manage the information and authority at various staff members’ disposal.

Easily create and view staff schedules

Create staff schedules by assigning activities and tags to indicate certifications, skills and capabilities. View staff availability and schedules at a glance and track working hours and attendance.

Empower your staff

Your staff can use the Amilia app to submit their availability for activities and private lessons and access their schedules on-the-go. They can also take participant attendance and access key participant data such as medical and emergency contact information.

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