Cost recovery

Improve financial planning and ensure sustainability.

Make informed resource allocation and pricing decisions

Use SmartRec’s recommendation engine to set cost recovery goals and guide pricing decisions by calculating the cost of doing business and the capacity to capture revenue.

Leverage our visualization tools & resources

Our visualization tool clearly demonstrates the performance of programs and services and helps you be an advocate for your offerings. Leverage these insights to strategically allocate funds and ensure the recovery of costs so that you can achieve your community goals.

Become more financially sustainable

Implement your cost recovery strategy to become more fiscally independent. Create a self-reliant financial model that helps you meet your community goals with or without budgetary support.

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Make your programs accessible to everyone in your community.

Leverage scholarships to ensure social equity

Level the playing field by offering scholarships to residents who cannot otherwise participate in your programs. Target economically disadvantaged segments of your community to create more equitable access to your offerings with SmartRec’s Community Segments feature.

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Resident discounts & benefits

Attract new and existing residents with targeted discounts and benefits.

Create flexible pricing structures to meet agency needs

Be it offering early bird discounts to residents, special discounts to senior citizens, discounts to low-income neighborhoods or anything else, create discounts for your community to meet your agency’s engagement, revenue and social equity goals.

Easily define community segments and eligibility criteria

Create community segments for specific cities, boroughs, streets by validating address lists using Google’s API. Choose which community segments enjoy certain discounts and set up restrictions and eligibility criteria so that you have utmost control on your pricing strategy.

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