Get critical insights into resident activity and engagement.

Track activity and program engagement

With SmartRec you can evaluate which programs and activities are in-demand and which ones are lagging behind with critical statistics on registrations, checkouts, wait lists and more.

Track resident participation metrics

Access and retrieve resident info when you need it most through our centralized database with ease. Get insights into residents’ skill development and monitor attendance for activities and private lessons.

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Payments and finances

Deep dive into your agency’s performance.

Track agency cashflows with ease

Easily monitor outstanding and received payments at the account and program level as well as track agency receivables and payables. Leverage recurring payments and payment automation to forecast cash inflows and outflows for the fiscal year.

Transform the way you plan and budget your finances

Monitor agency revenues and costs to map them against your annual budgets and cost recovery goals and be ready to course-correct should the need arise.

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Take a pulse of your agency with our visualization tools.

Get top level insights at a glance

Making sense of thousands of data points can be tricky. Amilia’s dashboard generates a real-time overview of registrations, checkouts, finances, and more so that you can get a quick understanding of how your agency performs as it continues to serve your community.

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Ready to make data-driven decisions? Set up a discovery call with a SmartRec representative to get started.